Archive of Heritage Available to Members

Past Issues of the LEFTWICH HERITAGE will be attached here asap.

  1. The Leftwich Heritage is the annual publication of the Leftwich Historical Association.  It is a collection of research articles submitted by the membership and mailed out to each member, usually in late Spring. Contact us for your article submission ideas through the Contact Us page.
  2. This is the index of articles written for the Leftwich Heritage: Index of articles in The Leftwich Heritage
  3. Elinor Underwood Hutchinson has just taken over the reigns of editor from Howard Thurmon, who has published beautiful editions, methodically, and for many years.  Ellie was originally born in Washington, DC and moved with her family to Massachusetts when she was ten.  

She graduated from Worcester State College in 1985 with a BS in Natural Science and a minor in Music.  She is currently employed as a production planner at Web Industries in Hartford, CT.

Ellis serves as National Chairman of the Continental Line, an American Revolution reenacting organization. She enjoys spending time with her husband Card and her daughter Sara, playing with her two amazing grandsons, sleeping late, history, reading, and listening to music.