Leftwich Extract of 1880 Census

Glenda McKenzie purchased the entire 1880 United States Census Index from the Family History Library’s web site, familysearch.com. In the process of searching she searched every state for all Leftwich’s (and spelling variations) and copied them into a single file. It includes EVERYONE with the Leftwich name counted in 1880, including states and territories that were not soundexed or indexed.

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2 thoughts on “Leftwich Extract of 1880 Census

  1. Hi Glenda,
    Thanks for your help.
    I’m just doing some research and I know my great grandfather is Camullis Berry Leftwich (born 1844 Van Buren County Iowa). My grandfather is Philip Berry Seymour with his mom being Margaret Elizabeth Leftwich. I’m Not sure if Camullis’s father was Charles Leftwich. Of course I’m trying to find out any information I can . Who is Charles father?
    Thank you so much
    Shelley Brazil

  2. Hi Shelley,
    I am Sharon Durham, I just attended the LHA reunion in Huntsville, Al. I have been a member since 1993 , I’m interested in trying to help others find their Leftwich ancestors. I do know your family has been hunting for your earliest ancestor. There were 2 sisters I met several years ago, Sharon and her sister, who passed away several years ago. I remember two brothers, Camillis and Charles, didn’t one of them die in Missouri? I don’t have my files with me. My husband & I attended the reunion and continued on to central Florida for the winter. Did you get any reply from any members of LHA, I know several people had a large file on these two men and were trying to help the sisters. The LHA is trying to update the website, use DNA to find families, along with learning a lot more about that kind of research, bear with us. Sharon D.

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