25 March 2020

Hi to all of you members who are peeling themselves away from the CoronaVirus news to see the new site, which is like a home, always in the process of renovating and/or decorating!  

I was excited to take on this project was to sort and feature all of the wonderful work that has been done over the last 28 years of Leftwich Heritage issues.  We have an index, but I hoped to make these articles easier to find and read.  

What I didn’t count on was the really really big job to create the new site!  It isn’t perfect, but I’m doing what I can.  At the end of the day, WordPress is limiting; picture and file sizes have to be much smaller than what we have available, for example, but we’ll keep trying to try to find a way to get this up for the members.  

Mike Starr and I, on opposite sides of the North American continent (British Columba and Maryland), are going to be “besties,” even if it kills us (not even funny now)??  Thanks to Nancy Jay and Sherrie Boone who are helping with information.   Stay well, Cousins.